All PFJ jewellery will be inspected and cleaned, complimentary for the life of the piece. We highly recommend that you return every year for inspection in order to maintain the warranty.

 Repair of PFJ jewellery found to be defective as a result of manufacturing will be repaired free of charge as long as no abuse has been found. We will be fair in our assessment as we want to offer the highest quality craftsmanship.

 PFJ jewellery will have stones tightened free of charge provided that the item does not show any signs of abuse and a record of regular inspection every year has been documented.

 Any missing gemstone 10pt or under will be replaced at no charge for one year after the date of purchase, as long as there is no sign of abuse. 

 PFJ rings will be sized complimentary up/down two sizes within 6 months of purchase.  If the ring cannot be re-sized due to the design, there will be a charge to remake.  *Exceptions are Sterling Silver Rings and Discounted Rings* These will need to be quoted to size and/or to re-make.

 Any PFJ repair not covered by our warranty will enjoy a 10% savings.