• Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

    Diamond or sapphire? Round or radiant? Claw set or bezel set?

    When choosing an engagement ring, the details are what makes it personal to you! We often have ladies that come in with a specific idea of what they want. If you are sending your significant other to pick-out your engagement ring, give them a hand by visiting a jewellery shop and trying different styles on. This way you can guarantee you are arming them with all the right information.  In our experience, your preferences may change once you've tried some rings on! Rings are typically easy to size but getting your ring sized is helpful information too.  It is definetely important to research different ring styles and come up with a few keywords that describe what you like. I.E- "Vintage inspired" "Clean and contemporary", etc.

    Your lifestyle should also be a consideration! We wouldn't recommend an emerald for someone who is using their hands a lot during the day. A harder gem-stone like diamond or sapphire is better suited. And perhaps a lower bezel setting may be more appropriate for that particular engagment ring.

    These are all details you can discuss with us and it will help narrow down the perfect engagement ring!

    Happy shopping!  

  • Welcome to our Blog
    designer and owner Linda Penwarden

    Hello and welcome to our new blog! We have been making beautiful and meaningful jewellery since 2003 and look forward to sharing with you our experience and wisdom into the realm of jewellery. 

    We would like to provide you with tips, insights and entertain you with pictures of beautiful jewellery made by Linda and her team of artisans. Make sure to visit again soon. Bye for now!!