• From Concept to Creation
    Hand Sketch, Technical CAD, CAD Rendering, Finished Piece

    Our customers love being a part of the custom design process as much as we love guiding them through it! Each step along the way ensures that our client is happy with the direction their jewellery project is headed. Our custom jewellery includes a plethora of milestones and celebrations. Here at Penwarden, we find creative ways to translate an old design into a classic, yet contemporary piece. We can reupholster grandma's old engagement ring or even set an existing gemstone into a new piece of jewellery!

    In the past, clients have left us with a multitude of loose multi coloured sapphires and after a meeting with Linda to determine the visual inspiration for the ring, hand sketches were completed and shared. A technical drawing is created based on your specifications, and then built in a jewellery software program. This helps us determine the overall materials required and the specific dimensions to create the custom piece.

    There are many steps along the way that employ a range of traditional goldsmithing and modern jewellery manufacturing techniques. The design dictates the techniques used to achieve the finished look. In most cases a wax model is created and then cast in metal. Our goldsmiths and gemsetters then finish and assemble the piece to the specification of Linda's design. 

    If you are curious about the techniques employed in our jewellery studio we would be happy to share with you some of our secrets...but don't tell anyone!

  • Suzanne Rogers Wears Penwarden Fine Jewellery

    On Thursday November 20th, an article was written about Suzanne Rogers and her favourite Canadian jewellery designers. Linda was given a special mention as she designed her wedding ring and other significant pieces for Rogers.

    Here is a snippet of The Toronto Star article.